The Semi-Final Winners

Those who had the free pass to the final (the numbers refer to the spot each entry will perform in on Saturday):
1. Switzerland (six4one: “If We All Give a Little”)
2. Moldova (Arsenium and Natalia Gordienko: “Loca”)
3. Israel (Eddie Butler: “Together We Are One”)
4. Latvia (Cosmos: “I Hear Your Heart”)
5. Norway (Christine Guldbrandsen: “Alvedansen”)
6. Spain (Las Ketchup: “Bloody Mary”)
7. Malta (Fabrizio Faniello: “I Do”)
8. Germany (Texas Lightning: “No No Never” – It’s a country tune. From Germany. I blame Stefan Raab.)
9. Denmark (Sidsel Ben Semmane: “Twist of Love”)
12. Romania (Mihai Traistariu: “Tornero”)
15. United Kingdom (Daz Sampson: “Teenage Life”)
16. Greece (Anna Vissi: “Everything”)
19. France (Virginie Pouchain: “Il Était Temps”)
20. Croatia (Severina: “Moja Štikla”)

Joining them…
10. Russia
11. Macedonia
13. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Awesome!)
14. Lithuania (Some booing over than choice)
17. Finland (YES!!!!)
18. Ukraine
21. Ireland (The country with the most wins, by the way)
22. Sweden
23. Turkey (Sweet!)
24. Armenia