Reactions From the Highlights


Missed the first one…

Israel – looked pretty darn amusing to me.
Cyprus – sounded pretty good.
Belarus – cheesy. Who cares, he is doing magic.
Iceland – There are big eyes in the background. He not only sounds like Meatloaf, he looks like Meatloaf.
Georgia – cool. Go girl! Is it me or does she looks a little too happy?
Montenegro – eh?
Switzerland – I love the guy with the mohawk.
Moldova – well, she’s in tune.
Netherlands – sounds just like Anastacia.
Albania – wow, he’s old.
Denmark – pitchy. But that’s some headdress.
Croatia – pitchy. Painful.
Poland – I don’t have time to start.
Serbia – she looks like Lea Delaria. Sounded ok from what I could tell.
Czech Republic – yes, they rock. Lower case rock.
Portugal – she’s pretty. weak singer. Much quieter than all the others.
FYR Macedonia – heh heh she said douche.
Norway – she’s old.
Malta – there’s a gong in the background.
Andorra – ARROWS!!!! Wow, they’re totally out of tune.
Hungary – tight, she sounded good. I love the tank top and jeans, totally stripped down look which is a nice contrast to the glammed up other acts.
Estonia – sorry, I missed it. Dave came in and needed cash.

The rest I already did.