Chris’ Finals Picks

My semi-final predictions were not so good: I only got five out of the 10 correct. I had three failings:

1. As I said before, I underestimated opera;
2. I also overestimated rock music that didn’t feature make-up and bat wings;
3. I picked Belgium.

In regards to that whole Eastern bloc voting conspiracy thing that seems to be rumbling around Europe right now, I agree with the analysis offered by Mike Atkinson of troubled diva:

“…since the bulk of the Eastern nations joined Eurovision well after the Congratu-Boom-A-Bangy-Diggi-Diggi-Ley years, they are less inclined to see the contest as a camp joke, as we do in the West. Therefore, instead of relying on fading stars or second-rate chancers, they field their biggest stars, take the competition seriously – and hence produce much of the best material.”

Anyway, back to tomorrow’s big event. Here’s my prediction for the top 10. Let’s see if I can redeem myself.

10. Slovenia – Alenka Gotar: “Cvet Z Juga”
9. Russia – Serebro: “Song #1”
8. Georgia – Sopho: “Visionary Dream”
7. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Maria Šestić: “Rijeka Bez Imena”
6. Bulgaria – Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov: “Water”
5. Turkey – Kenan Doğulu – “Shake It Up Shekerim”
4. Germany – Roger Cicero: “Frauen Regier’n Die Welt”
3. Belarus – Koldun: “Work Your Magic”
2. Hungary – Magdi Rúzsa: “Unsubstantial Blues”
1. Serbia – Marija Šerifović: “Molitva”

I am also predicting the U.K. get the nil vote.

I am not confident in these picks, to be honest. I wonder if political issues surrounding Serbia will hurt Marija’s chances. Also, the opera singers make me very nervous.