Chris’ Finals Recap, Pt. 4

So it’s time to vote. To get us started, Jaana and Mikko bring out… Santa Claus, who is apparently drunk. Anyway, we get our recaps during the voting window, then while the votes are tabulated, we get heavy metal cellists surrounded by acrobats on trapezes. Again, seriously disappointed there’s no Lordi tonight. Ah well. (UPDATED: As mentioned in part one, Lordi did perform, but we missed it due to feed issues.)

Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia jump out to early leads during the voting and hold onto them. The United Kingdom, Ireland, and, surprisingly, Latvia, go a long time without points. It takes until Ireland reveals their votes before the U.K. gets their first points, although Malta, of all places, gives Scooch the full 12. Weird. Ireland finishes worst on the night with just 5. They didn’t deserve that many. Back to the semis for you.

Anyway, here are the top 10, who get the byes into the finals in next year’s competition:†
10. Moldova
9. Hungary
8. Armenia
7. Greece
6. Belarus
5. Bulgaria
4. Turkey
3. Russia
2. Ukraine
1. Serbia

I got 6 out 10, which is okay, and I did pick the winner. I really didn’t think Ukraine would do so well. Georgia, by the way, finished 12th, which is not too shabby for their first time out.

I thought this was a strong year this year. I’m looking forward to what 2008 brings.

† As it turns out, the EBU updated the rules in 2008, creating two Semi-final shows, and giving only the previous winner and the Big Four (France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom) the bye into the Final.