Eurovision Final Picks

Right. In order of placement. This is my story and I’m sticking to it. I am NOT putting Ukraine on this list. I won’t give it the satisfaction.

1. Serbia – I think it’s a heated battle between Serbia and Hungary for the win. Both women are great singers and can bring it home. I give the edge to Serbia because of the neighborly voting. She generated tons of buzz from the semi-final.

2. Hungary – Great song. She’s in it to win, and I’d love to see this upset. I’m just not sure she’ll be able to derail Serbia.

3. Spain – I actually think this is the strongest of the non-semi finals. Besides they’re dreamy.

4. Belarus – Another one for the dreamy vote.

5. Sweden – Hey, it’s Sweden.

6. Germany – This is wishful thinking that it’ll be this high, but I’m a fan of the song.

7. Latvia – It ain’t my cup of tea, but Il Divo sells a lot of records, so clearly this is up the alley of a lot of other people. And, man, they did have a good reception at the semifinal.

8. Russia – I can’t articulate why I’m putting this here, just a hunch. The song is cute, the girls are hot.

9. Turkey – SHAKE IT!

10. Georgia – Again, I just generally like this song, I like the vocalist. I like swords.