Wrap Up

All in all, a pretty good year I thought. A couple of strong songs, and the winner is an able singer with a song that, while Eurovision-y, also improves upon multiple hearings.

Very pleased that Russia, Turkey, Hungary, and Bulgaria finished so strong. They did great and totally deserved it.

Georgia finished 12th overall, and considering it was their first year, that’s a nice showing.

Germany, not so hot in the end, a lot of bridesmaid points, but never a bride, never the big points. but again, I don’t think ROGER CICERO was really expecting the win anyway, just the exposure. And if that’s indeed the case, then, HEY, he already is a winner. However, I must say that I don’t think Frank would smile upon that kind of attitude.

Also very pleased that Ireland finished last. It really was an abysmal song and an abysmal performance.

Ciao darlings. Kiss kiss.