Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2008 Entry

Oh man. Azerbaijan voted to enter “Day After Day” in the contest this year, and it is… wow. I’ve watched the video three times already, and, combined with my sad state because the Pats lost the Super Bowl, my mind has been turned into a delicious pudding. Elnur Hüseynov is the main singer; he’s the one with the angel wings. He is joined by Samir Javadzadeh, who looks a bit like Alan Cumming. Here is this year’s “Vampires Are Alive.”

UPDATED: reports that while Azerbaijan’s panel of judges has decided to send Elnur Hüseynov to Belgrade, it has not decided which song to send. However, “Day After Day” is the likely choice., incidentally, has a podcast that reviews songs from all the national contests. Your pod wants you to subscribe.

UPDATED AGAIN: Yup, “Day After Day” is Azerbaijan’s entry.