Germany’s Eurovision 2008 Entry

I am a big fan of Germany’s entries to Eurovision. Stefan Raab’s “Wadde Hadde Dudde Da” is classic, and the past two representatives, Texas Lightning’s “No No Never” and Roger Cicero’s “Frauen Regier’n die Welt” were ten tons of fun.

Side note: Because Jen and I are both standards fans, we got Cicero’s album Männersachen. This is the second time we’ve ever gotten a full album by a Eurovision act. The first, obviously, was ABBA Gold.

Anyway, the point is, I’m big on Germany’s Eurovision acts. So it pains me that I was completely non-plussed by this year’s entry, No Angels with “Disappear.” I know the Spice Girls reunited this year, but that doesn’t mean they should be emulated. There is nothing horrible about “Disappear.” It’s competent from top to bottom. It’s just not very interesting.