Eurovision 2008: Semi-Final 1

Eurovision is doing things a little differently this year, because the number of countries participating is ever-increasing (especially since new countries keep popping up; Kosovo, we’re looking at you). The organizers have divided the semi-finals into two groups. The top nine vote-getters from the two semi-finals will make the finals, along with the host country and the Big Four. In addition, a special jury will select one wild card each from the two semi-final groups.

Here are the countries participating in the first semi-final, in order of appearance:

  1. Montenegro: Stefan Filipović – “Zauvijek volim te”
  2. Israel: Bo’az Ma’uda – “Ke’ilo Kan”
  3. ESTONIA!!!!!: Kreisiraadio – “Leto Svet”
  4. Moldova: Geta Burlacu – “A Century of Love”
  5. San Marino: Miodio – “Complice”
  6. Belgium: Ishtar – “O Julissi Na Jalini”
  7. Azerbaijan: Elnur Hüseynov & Samir Javadzadeh – “Day After Day”
  8. Slovenia: Rebeka Dremelj – “Vrag naj vzame”
  9. Norway: Maria Haukaas Storeng – “Hold On, Be Strong”
  10. Poland: Isis Gee – “For Life”
  11. Ireland: Dustin the Turkey – “Irelande Douze Pointe”
  12. Andorra: Gisela – “Casanova”
  13. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Elvir Lakovic Laka – “Pokusaj”
  14. Armenia: Sirusho – “Qele Qele”
  15. The Netherlands: Hind – “Your Heart Belongs to Me”
  16. Finland: Teräsbetoni – “Missä Miehet Ratsastaa”
  17. Romania: Vlad Miriţă & Nico – “Pe o margine de lume”
  18. Russia: Dima Bilan – “Believe”
  19. Greece: Kalomira – “Secret Combination”