Cyprus’ Eurovision 2009 Entry

Cyprus has chosen “Firefly” as their Eurovision song, and man, does it sound like a twee, soft-rock version of Incubus’ “Warning.” Kudos to the band for trying to rock out to this, I guess.

If there is one word to describe singer Christina Metaxa’s voice, word would be “wispy.” If you expand it to more than one word, you can include “nasal,” “flat,” and “amateurish.”

I have no idea why Metaxa is holding a glowing ping-pong ball in her hand. Maybe she’s taking fashion tips from Alenka Gotar?

Jen: Incubus should sue.  This feels like a bad American Idol audition.   I guess in these hard times of the global economic downturn, a ping pong ball has to substitute for a firefly.

UPDATED: Apparently, we’re not the only ones who noticed the similarity to “Warning.”