Germany’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

I don’t know if it’s a smart strategy for Germany to send “Mambo #5” to Moscow.  Oh wait, says this is “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang” by Oscar Swings Alex Sings (a.k.a. Oscar Loya and Alex Christensen).  It’s catchy and all, but honestly, Roger Cicero did this sort of thing better in 2007, and he only placed 16th.

The track posted here sounds like a studio outtake, which makes sense because I don’t think the song has officially debuted in Germany yet.

Jen: his voice quality, and indeed the arrangement, is reminiscent of Michael Buble.  Two years ago, Germany entered a song in a similar space with Roger Cicero, but, while both have a big band vibe, this track is definitely closer to pop.  The English lyrics help too.  I like it, but, then again, I liked Roger Cicero.  I predict a better showing than 2007, but Germany doesn’t have the neighbors to make it a contender.