Georgia’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

Georgia has withdrawn from the Eurovision Song Contest after the organizers disqualified its entry.  More here.

Forget the quality of Stefane & 3G’s “We Don’t Wanna Put In,” Georgia’s Eurovision entry. (It’s a cheesy disco song that will have you longing for The KMG’s).  What’s more important is its politics: Foreign Policy Passport points to a BBC story about how the song is a not-so-veiled swipe at Vladimir Putin.  (Look at the song title one more time.)

Eurovision has rules against politicized entries, and the contest’s organizers will rule in March on whether the song is too political to go to Moscow in May.  So sayeth FP Passport:

Vladimir Vladimirovich does love to boogie and has inspired some supremely ridiculous Europop from his admirers as well, but I doubt he’ll be grooving to this one.