Ireland’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

Ireland stayed up late, late to select “Et Cetera,” as performed by Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy, as its Eurovision entry this year.

We watched the selection show, and I have to admit this was my least favorite of the six finalists. But it seemed to go over well with the audience and the review panel, which included Jerry Springer.  My favorite part of the show was Marty Whelan describing “Et Cetera” to Jerry as a song that would appeal to “that college radio” in the States.  Yeah, if that college was populated with High School Musical stars and Avril Lavigne fans.  Even Late, Late Show host Pat Kenny noted that “Et Cetera” sounded like an Avril song.

Considering he had no idea what Eurovision was, Jerry was a game commentator during the show.  Also, he was even polite when Latvian songwriter Lauris Reiniks, who penned one of the entries, curtly corrected him for suggesting that ESTONIA!!!!! was an Eastern European country.  Not to say Lauris didn’t have a point, but I wondered if him being a douchebag to Jerry was going to cost him votes.  As it turns out, his song “I Wish I Could Pretend” finished a respectible second behind the winner.

While the voting was tabulated, an RTE producer (or director… I didn’t catch) came out and showed some of his favorite clips: Lordi and his batwings, Dana International falling over when trying to present the Eurovision trophy to Charlotte Nilsson, Dustin the Turkey (of course), and the immortal “Pump-Pump” by Fredi and Friends:

I can’t say this with certainty, but I am pretty sure Eurovision gained a new fan in Jerry Springer after that.