Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

Lightning! Fire! Stilts! Chain mail! A guy singing like a castrato! Krassimir Avramov has it all in his song “Illusion,” which is Bulgaria’s representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest! Did I mention the stilts?

Avramov has a fan in Lionel Richie, as it turns out, and he’s a decent enough purveyor of the operatic-techno style that regularly pops up at Eurovision. That said, Avramov loses control towards the end of the song, which makes him sound like Elnur vamping… okay, that’s a bit unfair, but operatic falsetto that’s out of tune is not pleasant to hear. Anyway, he had dancers on stilts, so that counts for something.

UPDATED: Apparently, out of tune operatic falsetto is not the thing many Bulgarians want to hear either.