ESTONIA!!!’s Eurovision 2009 entry

The national selection show for ESTONIA!!! was held in a cocktail lounge in Tallinn.  Okay, I don’t know that, but it sure looked like it.

The show was hosted by two guys who, after each song, alternated interviewing a comedian who was dressed as each act.  In other words, after, say, StereoChemistry performed, the comedian would be dressed as a StereoChemistry member, and talk about their performance.  Granted, I don’t speak Estonian, but it was pretty obvious that’s what was going on.

ESTONIA!!! had some eccentric acts this year.  My favorite was Köök, although Jen didn’t quite dig it:

(This is not the performance from the final, but it is the song they performed.)

And that wasn’t even the most eccentric act on the night, because that had been preceded by Chalice:

Seriously, what the hell was that, besides “Seksind?”

Anyway, in the end, ESTONIA!!!!! decided to go with Urban Symphony’s “Rändajad,” which is everything Quartissimo wants to be, but isn’t:

The verse part sounds really familiar.  I keep thinking it’s from some alty-pop song from the ’80s or something.  Anyway, a decent effort, and one Jen picked from the start to be the winner, for she is wise.