Russia’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

Five countries decided on their Eurovision Song Contest entries this weekend.  We watched three of them, which is insane.  We would’ve watched four, but we couldn’t get the Ukrainian national show’s feed to work.

Fortunately, Russia decided to go with a Ukrainian singer, so it’s like we got a sliver of the Ukrainian experience.  Anastasiya Prykhodko had originally tried out for the Ukrainian nationals, but was DQed on technicalities.  She protested, which caused a delay in the Ukrainian final, but then she qualified for Russia’s final anyway.

I got the impression that Anastasiya was a bit off her rocker, which was reinforced by her work at the end of her song “Mamo”:

Seriously, Tatiana Del Toro needs to try out for Eurovision.  Talk to the Swiss next year.

The sad thing is, this was probably the most memorable of the songs that were presented during the Russian final.  This is disappointing, after three years of solid entries, including last year’s winner, “Believe.”  I honestly can’t remember all that much about the show.  Granted, this is after watching two other finals after it, but I can remember a lot of the songs from ESTONIA!!!!! and Serbia more than anything Russia presented.

“Mamo” is fine, I guess, and Anastasiya could make things interesting during the big show.  But in my mind, this is a lackluster entry.