Serbia’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

After being disappointed with Russia’s national selection show, befuddled by ESTONIA!!!!!’s show, and unable to watch Ukraine’s show, we had high hopes for the Serbian final.  Serbia is a nation that takes Eurovision very seriously, and has turned out some great stuff (not to mention, you know, a winner.)

Sadly, we were disappointed again.  The only song that stood out to Jen, Marko Kon and Milan Nikolić’s “Cipela,” ultimately won.  It wasn’t tops in the audience voting, but tops in the jury voting, which was enough to put it over the top:

Both Jen and I liked this song a lot, so we’re glad it won.  But it was really the only song worth noting in the whole show.  Even the extra song thrown into the competition after voting irregularities in the semis didn’t help.  (There were supposed to be two extra songs, but one of the contestants refused to perform because she was pissed about the voting irregularities.  Which, when you think about it, is a damn fool thing to do.)

The only other song worth mentioning is this utterly schlocky Les Miz-ish popera number by Pozitivan Haos, who were like Elnur and Samir without the bat-shit insanity: