Ukraine’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

So we were unable to watch the Ukraine national final, which was for the best, since we watched three other shows this weekend, which is a lot. Svetlana Loboda won with “Be My Valentine”:

It sounds like the USC band doing a traditional Ukrainian folk song to an electronica beat.  (If the USC band ever learned a third song.) Anyway, it’s a solid entry, with a fun little intro with Svetlana hanging upside down from one of the back-up dancers.  It’s no Ani Lorak, but very little in this world is.

Awesome lyric watch: “The charms that I possess/Will put you to the test/To satisify my int’rest/ Come on, baby, be my guest.”

UPDATED: Here’s the official video for “Be My Valentine.”  What I like about it is it has a very subtle sexual motif:

It’s nice to hear a clearer version of the song, tho, because it just confirms that it’s a pretty awesome song.