Eurovision 2009 Running Orders

We’ve updated our Eurovision 2009 page to reflect the running orders for the two semi-finals and the final, as per

A couple of notes:

  • I’m thrilled that my two least favorite songs, “Aven Romale” and “Copycat,” go two and three in the first Semi.  Get them out of the way really quick and then move on. (Because I’m not afraid to move on.)
  • De Toppers will close Semi-final Two with “Shine.”  Will my anticipation for this be too much to bear? And how much of a disappointment could they possibly be?  (Again, WATCH THIS VIDEO if you haven’t already. Or even if you have.)
  • In the first Semi, Regina get to close the show with “Bistra voda.”
  • Did they rig the drawing so that the U.K. could perform towards the end of the final? Is this why Lord Andrew met with Vladimir Putin?  (God, I sound more paranoid than Terry Wogan on a three-day bender.)