This all ties in together

Any Dream Will Do, the new “cast my musical” show from Lord Andrew, debuts on BBC America this weekend.  (By the way, by “new”, I think we mean “2007”.  Must be the time difference.) To say we’re excited is like saying we breathe.  Also, if you’ve never encountered John Barrowman outside of Torchwood, then you’re in for a good time, because he is the giddiest person alive.  We saw him on Eurovision: Your Decision (a.k.a. Sir Terry’s last Eurovision gasp), and seriously, life makes him giddy.

Speaking of Eurovision (see what I did there), I have a confession to make.  I said earlier that I thought Sakis Rouvis’ “This Is Our Night,” and I quote, “sucks.”  Having heard it a few more times, I have to say that it doesn’t suck.  I actually really like it.  However, his dancing still sucks.

Also, here is the Russian version of Intars Busulis’ “Sastrēgums,” which is now called “Probka”:

And here’s the official video for Svetlana Loboda’s “Be My Valentine”:

As I put it in the update to the Ukraine post, what I like about it is it has a very subtle sexual motif.