Eurovision Semi-Final #2 Preview

As I said on Tuesday, I think tonight’s line-up is the stronger of the two.  As such, it’s harder for me to make picks.

For example,  on the one hand, past evidence would point to Croatia and Serbia going through.  On the other hand, have you heard their songs?  Even Serbians don’t like their song (which ended up going through based on jury voting).

Anyway, I will go so far as to say I have no confidence in any pick I made after ESTONIA!!!!!

  • Norway – Alexander Rybak: “Fairytale” (This is your likely winner)
  • Greece – Sakis Rouvas: “This Is Our Night” (This is your likely dark horse winner)
  • Netherlands – De Toppers: “Shine” (Have you seen the official video? Holy shit!)
  • Ukraine – Svetlana Loboda: “Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)” (It puts the “slutty” in “Ukraine Eurovision entry by Svetlana Loboda”)
  • ESTONIA!!!!! – Urban Symphony: “Rändajad” (There can be only one classical-pop entry. Sorry, Quartissimo)
  • Hungary – Zoli Ádok: “Dance With Me” (Man, I love this song)
  • Azerbaijan – AySel and Arash: “Always”
  • Lithuania – Sasha Son: “Love”
  • Albania – Kejsi Tola: “Carry Me In Your Dreams”
  • Denmark – Niels Brinck: “Believe Again” (Ronan Keating’s involvement may earn this the wild card spot if it doesn’t get voted through)

I’m not picking my non-ironic favorite song, Latvia’s “Probka,” to go through because I think it’s just way too odd a song for Eurovision voters. On the other hand, I am picking my ironic favorite song, The Netherlands’ “Shine,” because, well, seriously, watch the official video. If you watched when I linked to it before, watch it again.

I am not sure if I’m going to regret not picking “Hora din Moldova” to go through.  It’s got a good placement in the line-up (15th), and it should certainly be performed in a highly energetic manner, so it has a shot.  I’m operating under the assumption that it’s just a wee too manic for the rest of Europe.  Also, every one of the songs I picked (and a few I didn’t) are better than this one.

Again, you can watch the big show live at at the Eurovision website at 9:00p CET/3:00p EDT, or on-demand after the show (probably around 1:00a CET/7:00p EDT).  I should mention you need to get the Octoshape plug-in to watch. It’s worth it.