Ukraine’s Eurovision 2010 Entry

We have intense cases of Olympic Fever, so during the fortnight that Winter Olympics were on, we completely ignored Eurovision to discuss the finer strategies involved in curling. This past weekend, however, we got caught up on what we had missed in a major way. On Saturday, we watched the Ukraine song selection show, followed by the Sweden repechage, followed by the Portugal national final. Then we watched the Russia national final on Sunday. Then we went through and listened to all the other songs that have been picked since then. (Ukraine made it easy for us by having the entries from Armenia and Bulgaria on, as well as the performer for Azerbaijan.)

Then we watched the Oscars, which sucked all joy and life out of us, so we’re regaining our souls now by writing up a whole ton of song reviews.

Let’s start off with Ukraine. Vasyl Lazarovich was hand-picked for Eurovision by Ukraine organizers. He performed five songs on Saturday, and both a jury and the Ukrainian public voted on which song to send. They all chose “I Love You”:

It was pretty obvious this was going to be the song that won, because it’s the only one that Vasyl performed with any confidence.  Even though it is dreck… man, is it dreck. (“I love you, I love you, I love you?”  Someone needs to send a DVD of Singing In the Rain to Kyiv, quick.) Regardless, he sang it well, and connected with the audience in a way he hadn’t during the other four songs on the night.

The number we were rooting for was of course the one that Vasyl had absolutely no confidence in whatsoever. The only way he could be more uncomfortable trying to play rock star in “Don’t Wanna Lose You” would be if he had live squirrels romping in his jeans.

The Swedish Second Chance round was interesting, although in the end, the voters picked the songs by the pretty blonde women.  Neither number really has a chance in next week’s final, because if they did, they wouldn’t have needed to go to the Second Chance round, would they?