Denmark’s Eurovision 2010 Entry

The trouble with writing up reviews of songs after listening to them only a couple of times is you sometimes don’t fully appreciate them. I kinda slagged off Brinck’s “Believe Again” after I first heard it, but it eventually became my favorite entry from the 2009 competition.

I think Denmark is on a bit of a roll, actually.  Jen and I are split on Simon Mathew’s “All Night Long” from 2008.  I thought it was a good track, if a bit annoyingly chipper.  Jen found it more irritating. And we both enjoyed DQ’s “Drama Queen” from 2007, though sadly, she didn’t exactly bring a vibrant performance during the semi-finals.  So since the utter horror of “Twist of Love” in 2006, Denmark has a solid Eurovision track record.

Chanée and N’evergreen’s “In a Moment Like This” continues the run of success.  The opening guitar riff filled me with dread, because it sounds a bit like John Waite’s “Missing You”.  Then the vocals kick in to make everything a-okay:

How terrific is that chorus?  It’s like Danish scientists have spent years perfecting a chorus that can get caught in your brain without making you want to drive it out with an icepick.  I hope they use as much of the staging as they can, because I love Chanée and N’evergreen starting out on opposite sides of the scrim. Of course, the wind machine was set a little too high at the end, but you can adjust that.

We both have a good feeling about this one.  The second we heard it during the Danish final, we knew it was the winner. And in a year with a lot of slow, anthemic ballads, an up-tempo pop ballad could just be what the Eurovision audience craves.