Latvia’s Eurovision 2010 Entry

Aisha is representing Latvia at Eurovision with “What For?” Only Mr. God knows why:

I never understand how songs in which the singer hits a lot of bum notes… and trust me, in that second verse, Aisha misses more notes than she lands… make it through to the big show.  You could figure if people grow to know a song during semi-final rounds, then they are more likely to be forgiving of an off-performance on national final night.  But Latvia only had a national final.  I’m almost afraid to listen to the other entries in case this really was the best of the bunch.

And man, is this number maudlin.  Every melody in this song is just whiny. The chorus is catchy, but not in a pleasant way.  And not just because Aisha is off key. “What For?” is just an annoying drone of a song.