ESTONIA!!!!!’s Eurovision 2010 Entry

Watching the Estonian national final for Eurovision was not like watching a normal Eurovision contest. It was more like watching an art school band jam. Even the most conventional songs were slightly off: Jen described Lenna Kuurmaa’s “Rapunzel” as “a cute little Petula Clark number filtered through 22 hours of darkness.” And this number, which finished second, was one of the more accessible songs.

The winner was “Siren” by Malcolm Lincoln and Manpower 4:

Jen pointed out that this sounded just like Simple Minds during its more prog moments. It probably doesn’t have a shot at all at winning the big show, but it was certainly easier to listen to than, say, “The One and Only – Love.”

Ott Sepp and Märt Avandi hosted the evening’s festivities, and in between each act, they spoofed a variety of musical genres and acts. (It’s not often you get to see Paffendorf send-ups.) Our favorites were the reggae parody and the “We Are the World” parody:

Seriously, where can we get one of those “Don’t Die” t-shirts? The thing is, they were legitimately funny even though we had no idea what they were saying. And it’s not like you often see something intentionally funny during Eurovision national finals.

While the votes were being tallied, Metsatöll performed three songs backed with a men’s choir. Who knew Vikings with bagpipes and amps would be so much fun?