Serbia’s Eurovision 2010 Entry

Another marathon Eurovision day: Estonia, United Kingdom, Sweden and Serbia.  To be fair, we started watching Estonia last night, and we only caught the tail end of the Serbia show since it overlapped with Sweden.  Still, that is a big ol’ pile of Eurovision.

UPDATED: After I wrote this, we ended up watching the Germany final too. AH, WAHNSINN!!

Serbia selected Goran Bregović as the composer of their Eurovision entry this year.  He wrote three songs, and all three songs were done in a traditional folk style. Three acts (Emina Jahović, Milan Stanković, and Oliver Katić & Jelena Marković) were assigned each one of the songs.

Milan was rocking the Let Us Play With Your Look look:

Despite the fact that Will Ferrell didn’t have a cameo during his song, Milan won the night with his rendition of “Ovo je Balkan”:

Pretty solid, though it sounds like Milan got a little pitchy in the middle.  What was fun about the act was the costume change two-thirds of the way through the song, in which the folk dancers changed into b-girls.  It’s doubtful that this will win Eurovision, but it’s a lock to make it out of the Semis, and probably finish strong in the final. How could it not pick up neighborly voting when it’s called “This Is the Balkans,” right?