Romania’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Romania finished third last year with its irrepressible slab of dance cheese “Playing with Fire” by Ovi and Paula Selig. It’s too early to say if they are going to improve on their impressive result with this year’s entry, Hotel FM’s “Change,” but it’s hard not to think they have a chance:

Jen thought that the arrangement of the chorus was a little clunky. That’s about the only bad thing we can say about it. It’s catchy as all get-out and is well-performed by a charismatic singer. The lyrics are generic “we can change the world” fluff, but dammit if those lyrics don’t burrow their way into the part of your brain that generates ear worms.

I played this for Jen while she was playing with Kieran, and as soon as it started, Kieran made a bee-line to the computer, sat in my lap, and said “cool” over and over again.  So it’s got the two-year-old American vote for sure.

UPDATED: For some reason, I neglected to say this when we first posted our review, but this song really reminds us of Simon Mathew’s “All Night Long” from 2008.