10 Legitimately Good Eurovision Songs from the Last 5 Years

Musically, Eurovision is a hopeless cause, you say. Not so, we say. Every once in a while, an honest-to-goodness good song somehow manages to find its way into the competition. Some are winners; some were too cool to win. These are songs we would choose to listen to even if they hadn’t been entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.

1. Sopho—Visionary Dream (Georgia). Is it techno? Is it electronica? Is it Georgian folk? Who knows, but it is super.

2. Malcolm Lincoln—Siren (Estonia). Post-punk goodness and goofiness.

3. Ani Lorak—Shady Lady (Ukraine). Fabulous dance music, fabulous diva.

4. Urban Symphony—Rändajad (Estonia). Classy. Pleasing to the ear and the eye.

5. Dima Bilan—Believe (Russia). Big song, well performed.

6. Serebro—Song #1 (Russia). Pure pop, right down to the naughty Catholic-school girls.

7. Milan Stankovic—Ovo je Balkan (Serbia). We dare you to not like it.

8. Marija Šerifović—Molitva (Serbia). Anthem.

9. Brinck—Believe Again (Denmark). We admit a certain fondness for Ronan Keating.

10. Vânia Fernandes—Sehnora do Mar (Negras Aguas) (Portugal). Epic story-telling.