The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2011 Entry

We do not wish to alarm you, but this year’s Eurovision entry from Netherlands doesn’t suck!  Here is “Je Vecht Nooit Alleen” by 3JS:

As you could see from our live-tweets during the Dutch song selection show, we were pleased with the quality of all the songs.  The first two, “Ga Nan Niet” and “De Stroom,” are a little too old fashioned soft rock, and the second two, “Toen Ik Jou Vergat” and “Weelderig Waardeloos” are ballads that are a little too wispy to make a strong showing in the Song Contest.  But “Je Vecht Nooit Alleen” definitely has an anthemic quality to it, and singer Jan Dulles to builds it up nicely. Plus, it’s so catchy that even Johan Cruijff is already singing along.

We’re not saying this is a Eurovision winner, but it is far and away the best entry the Dutch have had since… jeez, 2001 (Michelle’s “Out On My Own,” which is a great song killed by going first and being HORRIBLY staged).  (Also, while I loved Toppers’ “Shine,” it was less for the song and more for the video. Oh, that video!)

At the very least, we’re willing to bet Netherlands get out of the semis this year.

UPDATED: Here is the English language version, called “Never Alone”: