Ireland’s 2011 Eurovision Entry

Ireland selected Jedward to represent them this year in Dusseldorf. It was a narrow victory, but a win’s a win.  For them and for the bookies.

As mentioned in our Eurosong preview, the song is bubblegum electropop that reminds us of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.”  There’s not much to the song, but then that’s hardly the point.  It’s youthful, fun, and a bit cheeky.  This is by no means profound art, but it isn’t the second coming of Dustin the Turkey.

Love ’em or hate ’em, they keep you talking. We are inclined to agree with the Eurosong panel that Jedward will attract a lot of media attention for Ireland at ESC, and free publicity is never a bad thing.

We did not feel their performance was ESC ready, but few are at this point and there’s time.  We assume they will use the ESC platform for more elaborate staging and choreography.  Looking forward to Dusseldorf, some thoughts:

  • Their act is high-energy, but they need more physical conditioning to be able to pull off their movement without going pitchy.
  • We were confused by the backup singers — why 4 backup singers to sing in unison? Why not amp up the performance and get some dancers instead?
  • They need to go diva and ditch the girl with the red mohawk. Her distinctive look draws attention away from them.
  • We found their performance level during Eurosong a bit disappointing, but we note they improved in their 2nd performance, after they were announced the winners and they could just have fun with it. One hopes they can build on that sense of fun for Germany.

How they will fare is hard to predict.  Success for Jedward rests not on the strength of song, but on their charisma and a polished performance.  We think they can make it out of the Semis, but there’s work to do.