Belgium’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

We here at Eurolemur enjoy a cappella. It’s an underappreciated musical form, and when done well it’s something to behold. (Can you tell that we’ve done a bit of a cappella in the past?)

Belgium’s Witloof Bay is mixed jazz vocal band that reminds us of Sweden’s Real Group. The sextet features skilled singers, tight arrangements, and vocal percussion (VP) from RoxorLoops, one of the bigger names in the VP community.  Their song “With Love, Baby” is a cute and upbeat, if a bit sing-songy, mission statement.

Has Belgium learned from the lessons provided last year by Tom Dice? Well, no. They had a pretty shoddy list of songs to select from this year, and Belgium goes early in the 2nd Semi. Witloof Bay has virtually no chance of making it out of the Semis. But we are happy to see them in the ESC this year, and we don’t expect they will wimp out on the a cappella like InCulto (Lithuania 2010).