Georgia’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

So we sat through the Georgia final today, which was not easy. You had your U2 meets “Era Stupendo” number, your Brit-pop revivalist act, and your less-talented-than-No Angels female quartet. We had thought that Dito Lagvilava and November had the most potential as a Eurovision act, and that the Georgian Eurovision organizers had wanted Nini Shermadini to go through when they pumped up the volume on the fake crowd noise during her post-song interview segment. But in the end Eldrine went through with “One More Day”:

It certainly sounds contemporary, and although Linkin Park is still going strong and so forth, I kind of associate this sort of Evanescence-style number with 2003, not 2011. The big issue for me is that lead vocalist Tako is just shrill and flat throughout the song. Maybe she’ll pull it together Alyosha-style, but we’re not counting on it.

In other words, when Georgia doesn’t send a singer named Sopho, they are nothing. Sopho Bedia in 2012, perhaps?

UPDATED: Sounds like Eldrine heeded us. According to esctoday, they’ve replaced Tako with Sopho Toroshelidze.