Bosnia & Herzegovina’s 2011 Eurovision Entry

For this year’s Eurovision entry, Bosnian organizers went to Frank Langella. We imagine the conversation went something like this:

Bosnian Organizers: “Here’s our vision, Frank: You and a cover of ‘Afternoon Delight.’ Whaddya say?”
Frank Langella: “Well, okay, as long I can do it in a minor key and be surrounded by women 30 years younger than myself.”
Bosnian Organizers: “Deal.”

And so we find “Love in Rewind” from Dino Merlin. I can say with all honesty this is the first Bosnian entry in years where I haven’t wanted to throw the television out the window after seeing it. I–dare I say it?–like it.

One’s first reaction to Frank is skepticism–you wonder what the old guy is doing here and if he can cut it.  Turns out he can. The mid-tempo beat of “Love in Rewind” sets it apart from the dreary ballads, but avoids the dance music path that many other entries seem to be taking this year.  The spry fellow plays acoustic guitar, jumps about, and ably sings his jaunty tune, and “Love in Rewind” is a good enough song to not distract us from his performance.  It is perfectly positioned to court the Baby Boomer vote.

Because it’s Bosnia, it is almost certain to make the Finals. More than that, we think this is a good enough tune to make the Top 10, or at least the low teens. Well done, Bosnia.