Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Bulgaria hasn’t been in the finals since 2007. This year in an effort to improve their results Bulgaria used a competition format but a jury for their selection. Who they decided on was Pink look-alike Poli Genova. “Na inat” is a tough-as-nails hard rock entry that for some reason calls to memory Styx during its harder moments.

It’s not a bad song, but Bulgaria’s dry spell hasn’t been because they sent sucky entries. (Well, their 2009 entry sucked).  They barely missed the cut with “DJ Take Me Away” in 2008, and their 2010 song “Angel si ti” had the misfortune to be in a strong semifinal. These songs simply failed to move enough people to vote. Similarly, I wonder what about “Na inat” will make people pick up the phone to vote. “A” for effort.