Lithuania’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

I would have posted our look at Lithuania’s selection for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest earlier, but I just woke up from the coma that the National Final put me in.

It was dreadful. Dreadful. I mean, each new act literally filled me with dread. Even Sasha Son, who represented Lithuania with “Love” in 2009, had not one, but two clunkers. The person he duetted with, Donny Montell, also had two songs, but their cheeseball duet “Best Friends” had nothing on Montell’s clueless dance number “Let Me”:

We got the impression the two judges on the jury panel who weighed on the number after he performed were not impressed, which prompted Montell to grab the mic from the host to plead his case. So he’s immature, a poor dancer, and in desperate need of some manscaping. I don’t know if there were more moments like this during the show, because, seriously, I kept falling asleep.

Evelina Sašenko ultimately won with “C’est Ma Vie,” which stood out because it wasn’t horrid:

Not to say it’s not an old-fashioned, show tuney number that reminds me of the shlock that Croatia usually submits to the ESC. But it was competent, and I thought Sašenko sang it quite well. I don’t see it making out of the semis, though.