Turkey’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Look, we are unabashed Turkey fans. “Shake It Up Sekerim” and “We Could Be the Same” were both contenders for our Legitimately Good Eurovision Songs list. So even when they have songs that aren’t quite as good as we want them to be, like “Süper Star” and “Düm Tek Tek,” we’re still pretty happy with their effort.

So I want to like Yüksek Sadakat’s “Live It Up,” I really do. But it pains me to say that it does absolutely nothing for me at all:

It’s just so generic, from the opening riff to the lyrics to the chorus. I like the “Give yourself a break, c’mon and live it up” bridge out of the chorus and those little Turkish music flourishes. We’re cruel because we set the bar very high, but this is really just a second-rate Bon Jovi song.