Denmark’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

So A Friend in London is Denmark’s choice for Eurovision with their song “New Tomorrow.” Say what you want about the song, but at least the lead singer’s hair will give Jedward a run for their money:

It’s a little disconcerting that during their call for a new tomorrow, they unleash the Rovers into the crowd.

Anyway, this is an anthemic Brit-rocky number with those generic “we can change the world” type of lyrics that often pop up at the Song Contest. It’s sort of like an Anonymous/Toppers jam, really. It’s catchy and forgettable at the same time: I’ve got it stuck in my head right now, but as soon as I move on to the next song, I’m not going to remember it.

UPDATED: Have just figured out that the chord progression is the same as “Feed the Birds.” For a fun experiment you can try at home, try to sing along. This entry is now dead to me.