Moldova’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Of all the bands that I would expect to have an influence on a Eurovision act, Oingo Boingo would be the last on my list. Thank you Moldova for smashing my expectations by voting to send Zdob şi Zdub to the ESC with their song “So Lucky”:

Zdob şi Zdub is almost a breath of fresh air, given how dead serious this year’s Song Contest was shaping up to be. Except the song is a tuneless mess.

But on the plus side, Scott Thompson is the apparently lead singer! And there’s a woman on a unicycle! And they’re all wearing Fang den Hut hats! Wahnsinn!

Fang den Hut!

(Incidentally, Zdob şi Zdub represented Moldova in 2005 with “Grandmamma Beats the Drum“)

UPDATED: Zdob şi Zdub refers to their hats as kushma hats.