Serbia’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

A lot of times, we decry Eurovision entries for being old-fashioned. But we tend to like entries that are nostalgic, songs that are evocative of an earlier style of music. The retro-blue-eyed soul style of Petula Clark peddled by Duffy has been in recently, and Serbia has decided to get in on it just as the trend is passing. Here’s Nina with “Caroban”:

Doesn’t that just sound like the theme to a 70s Serbian sitcom? Tonight on the Marija Tyler Mrdja Show, special guest Goldie Hawn from Laugh-In!

That sounds a bit harsh, and we don’t mean to be, because we both enjoyed this song. After all, we’re fans of Pat Williams, who wrote the theme to the Bob Newhart Show. But we’re not exactly sure voters will respond to something that is this dated.