Belarus’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

UPDATE: So the EBU has a rule that any song performed before October of the year before the Eurovision Song Contest is ineligible to be selected. Unfortunately for Belarus, Anastasia Vinnikova first performed “Born in Belorussia” in May 2010. So Belarus is going to debut its replacement song “I Love Belarus” on March 14. As soon as they’re done writing it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Our take on “I Love Belarus” can be found here.

So Belarus has taken their crack at a Eurovision entry, selecting Anastasia Vinnikova with “Born in Belorussia.” Holding true to Belarussian Eurovision tradition she sings in English, and her English diction is horrible.  But she’s pretty, in that Sandra Nurmsalu from Urban Symphony (Estonia 2009) kind of way.  From what I could make out the song is a lot of prideful Belarussian flag waving, right down to the hand over the heart.  Her stage presence leaves a lot to be desired, and she exhibits no discernible dance talent.  I don’t see this one inspiring a lot of votes from other countries.