Greece’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

This year’s Greek entry may possibly turn out to be the most confusing song of the ESC. Lukas Yiorkas ft Stereo Mike will be representing Greece with “Watch My Dance.” Just follow that instruction, because the performance has good street dance choreography and is pretty well staged. What you sure as heck shouldn’t do is “Listen to My Song.” The number alternates between a dirge of a rap from Stereo Mike whose English is so poor they need to flash the words on a screen behind him and a flat downtempo vocal from Lukas Yiorkas that bores you to tears. All this from Greece. Greece, with such a proud Eurovision history and so much good will from Eurovision voters. Yiorkas is a Cypriot, so they’ll still get their 12 points from Cyprus this year, but it’s like they’re daring the rest of Europe to vote for them.

It didn’t have to be this way. Listening to the songs ahead of time, Nikki Ponte stood out with the great disco number “I Don’t Wanna Dance.” But at the national final she choked. She pushed the vocal, frequently went out of tune, and her gaggle of male backup dancers wore extremely strange cut-out costumes that were both jarring and a distraction.  So Greek jurors probably made the right choice.   If she couldn’t perform to a studio audience of 50, how was she going to play on the big Eurovision stage?  Too bad.