Slovakia’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Considering they didn’t really want to enter Eurovision this year, the Slovakians came out up with a decent entry in “I’m Still Alive” by TWiiNS. The operative word is decent.

The song was co-written by Bryan Todd, who has done a lot of producing for Jordin Sparks and Ashley Tinsdale, among others. That to me immediately suggests a certain Disney-machine, tween-pop sound, which “I’m Still Alive” indeed has. And for some reason, it reminds me of Feminnem’s entry from last year, except less interesting.

After a few hearings, we’ve realized the chorus has exactly three notes: E, G#, A.  Mostly they go up: E, G#, A. Sometimes they go down: A, G#, E. Repeat again and again. It gets old pretty fast.

I figure it will be one of those entries that will come and go without leaving much of an impression during the second semi, and will be long forgotten by the time the other set of twins competing at ESC hit the stage later in the evening.

UPDATED: Every year there’s a song that I don’t hate at first, but grow to loathe. This is that song. Aside from the uncreative chorus mentioned earlier, there is the rudimentary boom-tish-boom-tish drum beat. It is really awful. Yet still better than Finland.