Armenia’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Armenian organizers this year had already announced Emmy would represent them, so today’s national final simply asked voters to pick from 4 songs. The song order was determined at the start of the national final with Emmy picking slips of paper out of a fishbowl. After the nonsense in Ukraine and the pimp slotting of preferred songs in nearly every other country, that level of transparency was pretty refreshing.

“Boom-Boom,” their selection, is an upbeat confection with a pounding disco beat and a lyrical hook in the “Qele Qele” kind of way, or a boom shaka laka kind of way. Emmy looks like she has a lot of fun performing the song, and we enjoy it too. You can’t listen to this one without wanting to groove just a little bit. I do hope that they use the time between now and May to work on her styling, because her hair and dress in the national final aged her about 15 years.

You have to figure that Armenia will make a pretty good showing — they have friends, a strong diaspora, and their entries are typically pretty strong. Five years in the competition and they’ve finished as well as 4th and low as 10th. “Boom Boom” is good fun, I think they’re in for a similar result this year. Go Armenia.