Russia’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Russia has announced who will be representing them at Eurovision after a closed process that was rumored to include a greatest-hits short list from previous Russian selection shows, including the heart-stealing Babushkas.

Not to worry–after last year’s silliness, Russia will not be sending another comedian. Well, actually they are sending an actor. Alexsei Vorobiev (now spelled Alexey Vorobyov) will be representing Russia with “Get You.” We are thrilled. Alexsei performed in the 2008 Russian national finals (which Dima Bilan ultimately won, and then went on to win the whole enchilada). In our live blog, we just took the performances on their own merits (i.e., no prior research) and Alexsei was our favorite of that competition.

“Get You” is written by RedOne, who is best known as the mastermind behind most of Lady Gaga’s hits. RedOne has also had other Eurovision buzz this year, having produced Love Generation, a high-profile candidate in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen. However, Love Generation turned out to be a bust.

If the Love Generation arc has taught us anything, it is don’t make projections before hearing the song. Russia is debuting “Get You” next week. We’ll check back then, or when something leaks.

UPDATED 12 MARCH 2011: Russia had their official song presentation today. Here’s Alexey Vorobyov’s (AKA Alex Sparrow) live performance of “Get You”:

Upon listening, the first thing that strikes you  is how chart friendly this song is. RedOne’s fingerprints really are all over it–Lady Gaga could have released it and we wouldn’t have blinked. “Get You” is a great pop song, and in that way it brought back memories of one of our all time favorites from Russia, Serebro’s “Song Number 1” (Russia 2007). But the song works great to showcase Vorobyov. He’s got a great voice and is a winning performer, and let’s not overlook the fact that he’s pretty hot.

Close observers will note that Vorobyov’s performance here isn’t that different from the bootleg version that leaked from one of his concerts. Vorobyov is on point, but he needs to use the next two months to get some better choreo and better backup dancers. I’m pretty confident that’ll happen, so I think this is another entry to take seriously. Russia gets tons of votes when they don’t have a good song–they sent a dirge last year and it finished 11th. This year they do have a good song, so it has to be considered a front runner.