San Marino’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

San Marino has only competed once before in Eurovision, back in 2008 with Miodio’s turgid dirge “Complice.” This year, they return to the competition with Senit and her song “Stand by”:

It’s a passable way to spend three minutes. Nothing profound, but nothing offensive to the ear either. I think it sounds like a deep track from a Robbie Williams album, actually.

I don’t see “Stand by” making it to the Final because it’s in the first Semi-Final, which is chock full of heavy hitters. It will particularly suffer if it gets drawn towards the middle of the evening.

Jen said that the Sammarinese didn’t do themselves any favors when they decided to debut the track this weekend. Putting “Stand by” out at the same time as Russia, Sweden, Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom is sort of like a low budget romantic comedy coming out the same weekend as the biggest blockbuster of the summer. If they had debuted it a month earlier, they could have had a chance to build some word of mouth. I just fear it’s going to get lost in the shuffle.