Banjo Laura! In Spanish!

ESCToday has a link to Lauris Reiniks’ newly released Spanish-language version of “Banjo Laura,” the delightfully kitschy runner up from this year’s Latvian national final.

Once my laughter subsided, two thoughts remained:

1) This enters the pantheon of surreal Spanish-language adaptations of English-language songs. Other great examples include:

  • Right Said Fred — “Soy Tan Sexy” (it’s the best I could find, but I’m pretty sure this YouTube video is not from Right Said Fred, LOL!)
  • Toni Basil — “Mickey”
  • ABBA — anything off of “Oro,” but I’m a fan of “Dame Dame Dame.”

2) “Banjo Laura” in rudimentary Spanish is a lot more entertaining than Spain’s entry.