The Best Lyrics in the 2011 ESC

In previous posts we’ve poked fun at the lyrics, but there are some songs this year that I think have good lyrics. I would define a good lyric, overall, as one that makes sense, is consistent, has some original ideas, and is able to effectively evoke their intended emotion or the point they wanted to make (and there does have to be a point). In particular, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey stand out as coherent and successful at communicating their message without getting (too) cliché.

Additionally, there are several songs this year that I think have very good lyrical moments. Okay, there aren’t nearly as many good moments as there are bad moments. And while a bad lyric moment gives me pause because it lands with a thunk, a good lyric moment gives me pause because it’s something original, clever, or honest. It can be a good rhyme, an interesting idea, or a clever twist on language. These are the standouts for me this year.

The Best

“We’re not the first ones to be divided,
won’t be the last ones to be reunited.” (United Kingdom)

“If you take this life from me today
tear it up and bury me away
You’ll just find two, three songs of mine
Hundred worries of mine
And your love in rewind” (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

“I looked into your eyes,
And when I saw your smile
I knew right from the start,
Life is good for a while” (Switzerland) [Awww…]

“Though the road is long,
There are golden gardens
at the sweet end of your trail” (The Netherlands)  [Note: I nearly didn’t include this because of the use of the word “sweet,” but they needed another syllable for the melody]

Ray ban glasses,
I move with ease
In my convertible breeze” (Moldova)

“Taken by a stranger
Stranger things are starting to begin” (Germany)