Impressions from the 2nd Semifinal 2nd Rehearsals, Part I

May 6.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: The energy during this rehearsal felt a bit manic. Minor quibble, though, because “Love in Rewind” is still a solid number well performed. Love it. LOVE it.

Austria: Man, Nadine is just killing it right now. “The Secret Is Love” is a stodgy ol’ Eurovision ballad, but she is singing the hell out of it. Even from the second spot in her Semi, I think she may have a good shot of making it through.

Netherlands: SOOOOOOOOOO much better than day one. Jan Dulles is in good voice and delivering a more charismatic performance. It seems like 3JS looked back at their first rehearsal and felt they needed to step up, because I didn’t get the impression they were just saving themselves for later.

Belgium: Witloof Bay continue to sound good, but they just don’t have a chance at all to get out of the Semis. Even with RoxorLoops’ excellent beatboxing, this is just not the type of act that’s going to drive people to phone, unless they are massive a cappella enthusiasts. Of course, Jen and I are a cappella enthusiasts, but we’d be voting for Dino if we had a vote in this round. So there you go.

Slovakia: This is not a number listened to as much as survived through. TWiiNS sound better today, but that doesn’t prevent the song from shrill and repetitive. Only having three notes in a song will do that.

Ukraine: Ukraine never ceases to amaze me. Last year, their selection process was nothing short of chaotic, and yet Alyosha turned out to be a powerhouse. This year, the selection process was a little short of chaotic, and Mika Newton was saddled with a song that she didn’t seem to like. Yet she has had two great sounding rehearsals. Plus having Kseniya Simonova performing her sand artistry adds a compelling level of sophistication. I still find the song a bit bland, but Ukraine has sold it well.

Moldova: I really want Moldova to make the final, just for the sake of our guests coming over for our Eurovision party. They’ve gotten rid of the screen behind the drummer for this rehearsal, which I think is actually an improvement. I can’t figure out if I like Moldova’s graphics better than Jedward’s graphics. It’s a toughie.