Impressions from the Big Five 2nd Rehearsals

May 8.

France. Let’s be honest here: the French delegation has done everything they needed to do with this song. Amaury is singing by himself in front of a beautiful, non-obtrusive backdrop. Popera has not traditionally done that well at Eurovision, but it traditionally has not been executed this well either. I’m scared that this is going to win, but if it does, I can at least revel in the knowledge that France won with a non-French language song.

Italy. I love Italy’s staging. As with France. they staged it simply, just letting Raphael and his band do their thing, and showing off the piano playing on the big screen. It’s not a contender by a long shot, but it’s nice little chaser immediately following the pomp of the French entry. And, as I said before, I’m just glad to have Italy back.

United Kingdom. I really cannot stress enough how much I despise the staging “I Can,” and it’s solely because of the four monoliths of ego placed behind Blue. I can see Blue singing and dancing on the stage. I don’t need to see video of them dancing too, particularly when the video distracts me from the live band. I think they’ve done themselves a great disservice with a staging that may play well with their established fan base, but will probably not win over new fans.

Germany. Two things: 1. STOP SHOUTING “LOVE IS A RISKY BUSINESS!” 2. Why are the back-up dancers dressed like sperm? Otherwise, I really like this. I’ve seen a lot of people wonder if the song is going to grab the audience right away, but I remember I had the same concern about “Satellite,” so that doesn’t worry me. Lena’s intensity should make this one a contender.

Spain. Well, Lucía is definitely singing it better than she did during the Spanish final, so she’s clearly comfortable with the song now. I find the dancing a bit manic, but Jen says it does a good job capturing a carnival atmosphere. But, if you secretly switched this with the Swiss entry, no one would know the difference, right?