Open Call Roundup

Several more countries have released their call for 2012 Eurovision songs:

Sweden. Coming off a 3rd place finish, Sweden’s view is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The only real change to Melodifestivalen 2012 is that they are reducing the number of online Webjoker winners from 2 to 1. Webjoker entries will be up for public vote online; last year the public could choose from 232 qualified entries. The change isn’t really surprising, since last year’s Webjoker qualifiers, Julia Alvgaard “For Better or Worse” and Jonas Matsson “On My Own,” went down fast in the early rounds. To enter the Webjoker competition, all you have to do is upload a sound file to between September 1-20, 2011. Previously unpublished songwriters only, and, oh yes, “the SVT reserves the right to select the artist who will perform the entry at Melodifestivalen.” The other 15 Melodifestivalen songs will be panel selections from submitted entries under the Regular contest. All Melodifestivalen entries must have at least one cowriter who is Swedish or a Swedish resident. The rest of the rules are here.

Norway. Norway has issued its call for 2012 entries, and they don’t set the bar very high when it comes to the rules. As long as you have a copyrighted song and are 16 years old by May 22, 2012, fill out the form and you’re good to go. Any nationality may enter, though of course Norwegians are encouraged. The deadline for entries is September 2, 2011. On the NRK website, NRK presenter Per Sundnes is quoted to say “I hope we get more comebacks a la Babel Fish last year. And that we get even harder metal.” Hey Keep of Kalessin, are you interested in giving it another go? Pretty please? Babel Fish, you may pass.

Wanna enter Eurovision? Try Norway!

Germany. For 2012 Germany is returning to its “Unser Star” format, the same format that discovered Lena in 2010. However, this time around Stefan Raab is handing over the hosting duties to Thomas D from Die Fantastischen Vier. Naturally Raab is not letting go completely; he will still produce and be on the jury. To enter you have to be 18 years old, fill out the form, and set up an audition time at the TV Total studios in Cologne. The casting is planned for September 16-25, 2011.

The Netherlands. For 2012, the Dutch have decided to open the competition up to the public. Electronic submissions, however, will not be accepted. Instead, interested parties may submit songs, lyrics, or themselves into a ginormous box which is located at Lage Naarderweg 45 in Hilversum. Seriously. You have until midnight on September 30th.

The ginormous Dutch box

One other Dutch rule, and I quote directly here, “The song must be ‘new’.” The quotes around “new” are theirs. So take note and don’t re-enter “Born in Belorussia.”